Frontiers in Emergency Medicine: A work overview for 2022


In 2022, Frontiers in Emergency Medicine published 60 papers in four distinct issues with authors from various nationalities, including Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, India, Yemen, the USA, Palestine, Poland, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, the UAE, Algeria, Ethiopia, Jordan, Cameroon, the UK, and Iran. As we did last year, we decided to review and evaluate various aspects of our work in the previous year. In the year 2022, despite the not-yet-ended pandemic, COVID-19 apparently missed its priority as the hottest topic of research and it seems that researchers took time to focus on their main research lines. Therefore, we were able to publish articles in different fields and cover more topics; however, we still received so many papers on COVID-19 and published some of them, not only on treatment but also on other aspects of the disease, and also some case reports. We also published a letter in which the authors pointed to increased prevalence of bloodstream infection with Klebsiella species in patients with recent COVID-19 infection, which may be an interesting issue for further investigations. We had two other papers that were published as “Letter to the Editor”. One was related to blunt abdominal injuries in the National Trauma Registry of Iran, and the other was concerned with Eye emergencies during wars, which was published around the beginning of Russia's war against Ukraine. There were 25 published papers in 2022 that fulfilled the criteria of an original article. Of these, only 7 were focused on COVID-19, and the rest covered other topics including critical care, neurological emergencies, experimental studies, point of care ultrasound, cardiovascular emergencies, emergency department management topics, trauma, and prehospital emergency care. Interestingly, the most viewed article was the one in which a series of oleander poisoning cases were reported by a group of authors from India. In addition to original articles, there were also one umbrella review, one systematic review, and some other types of reviews that have their own value and specific audiences, in which some recommendations were reviewed by experts in the fields. Case presentation maybe the most popular part of the journals. We have various structures in this regard, so that we can respond to the passion of our addressees. We published 5 Case reports, and also 5 papers categorized as “case-based learning points”. However, there are some other structures available for those interested in sharing their experience with their patients, which we regularly suggest to the authors in the peer review process of their submissions. We are honored to have published a series of educational papers on “electrocardiogram interpretation”, all written by Jerry W. Jones as an invited author, and we are very grateful for his participation and companionship. We also intend to introduce historical aspects of emergency medicine in various countries; therefore, an editorial paper written by Ozgur Karcioglu was published, which points to the emergency medicine journey in Turkey. We are very eager to have this type of papers from other countries and we will certainly invite other experts in this regard.

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