Removing a pin from the urethra of a 14-year-old male patient: a case report


The diagnosis and treatment of foreign bodies in the urogenital system are difficult and it’s rare in children; It may also cause secondary injuries. In this article, we present a 14-year-old male patient who was admitted to the emergency outpatient clinic with complaints of difficulty in voiding and dysuria. He was diagnosed with a pin in the urethra and treated using an endoscopic method. He was hospitalised for foreign body removal after he admitted in his anamnesis about insertion a pin into his urethra the day before his complaints started. A pin was seen in the urethra on the urethrocystoscopy, and was successfully removed. Since foreign body in the urogenital system is rare in children, it is necessary to suspect, in order to make the diagnosis. In most cases, endoscopic intervention is sufficient. Psychiatric consultation should be requested for the patients, especially for pediatrics.

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DOI 10.18502/fem.v7i1.11699
Natural Orifice Endoscopic Surgery Foreign Bodies Male Pediatrics Pin Urethra

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