Spontaneous pneumothorax in a pregnant woman with COVID-19: a case report


Numerous symptoms and complications of COVID-19 include pneumothorax as a rare but potentially-lethal condition. The present case report involved a pregnant woman with COVID-19 presenting with pneumothorax. A 30-year-old pregnant woman with COVID-19 and a gestational age of 32 weeks presented to our hospital with dyspnea, coughs and fever. The rales initially heard in both lungs continued to be heard only in the left lung after 24 hours. Pneumothorax was confirmed through radiology. The emergency cesarean section performed to avoid the potential detrimental effects of the infection on the fetus caused no breathing episodes in the biophysical profile. The patient recovered postpartum without complications and both the mother and the newborn were discharged 12 days later. Spontaneous pneumothorax is a rare complication in COVID-19 pregnant patients that can emerge at any stage of the disease.

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