Reverse Sural Fascio-Cutaneous Flap for Management of Patients with Distal Third of Lower Limb Soft Tissue Defects Referring to the Emergency Department Following Traumatic Events; A Review of 13 Cases


Introduction: Soft tissue defects over the distal leg and/or heel are probable injuries that need a flap. Various coverage techniques have been described in this regard. It seems that applying Reverse Sural Fascio-Cutaneous Flap (RSFCF) for reconstructing soft tissue defects of lower limbs has superiorities over other techniques. Objective: We intend to present a case series with soft tissue defect over the distal third of lower limb, covered using RSFCF technique. Methods: This is a case series and longitudinal study in which patients with crush injuries who referred to the emergency department (Sina hospital, Tehran, Iran) from 2013 until 2020 and were treated with RSFCF technique were included. The data were collected using patients’ charts, by interviewing the patients, and from hospital records. The patients' wounds were prepared, examined, and the surgery was done. Tendon and bone defects were repaired, and wounds were closed using reverse sural Fascio-Cutaneous Flap. Results: A total of 13 patients were eligible during the 6-year study period. Men were more commonly affected with no conclusive gender trend. The posterolateral part of the foot of the right leg was the most frequently injured part (53.8%). Only 1 patient had mentioned complications after surgery including mild congestion and abnormal sensory and motor examination. Patients were followed by the surgeons until 3 months after the operation and all of them had been able to resume their daily life activities by then. Conclusion: According to our findings, almost all of the patients (except one) had received their flaps without any complications. All the patients had been able to resume their daily life activities three months after the surgery. This may show that RSFCF, which can be quickly performed and does not need microsurgical skills, could be a suitable option for the coverage of distal third of lower limb soft tissue defects caused mainly by trauma.

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Lower Extremity Soft Tissue Injuries Surgical Flaps Wound Closure Techniques

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