Does emergency medicine clerkship change students' misconceptions towards this specialty? Pre- and post-clerkship perceptions


Objective: This study aims to understand students' skills based on their self-assessment and their perceptions regarding emergency medicine (EM) physicians, EM patients, and choosing EM as a future career. Methods: This study employed prospective observational design. It was conducted from 2 October to 2 November 2022 in Saudi Arabia. The study participants were senior medical students at King Faisal University. Senior students who finished a four-week EM rotation were involved as post-cases, and senior students who had not finished their EM rotation were involved as pre-cases. An online survey was administrated to all students who met out criteria. Results: A total of 161 students were included in the study; 65.2% had not yet done their EM clerkship, while 34.8% had completed their EM clerkship. Among them, 48.4% were male, and 51.6% were female. On average, post-EM clerkship students showed greater confidence in their skills of conducting an initial assessment of a patient (p=0.027), developing a management plan (p=0.007), explaining the principles of EM to others (p<0.001), presenting patient cases formally (p=0.049), interpreting electrocardiogram (p=0.006), and applying medical resuscitation (p=0.041). No significant differences were found between the average confidence in the skills and abilities of male and female students. Post-EM clerkship and male students were more likely to choose EM as a career when compared with pre-EM clerkship (p<0.001) and female students (p=0.006). Conclusion: It seems that, after completing a four-week rotation, students exhibited significant advances in knowledge, illness management, and procedural skills. It is likely that the EM clerkship significantly improved students' perceptions of the EM specialty.

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